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Susan and Stephanie, friends for 17 years, got the same news within months.  Susan’s father and Stephanie’s mother have been diagnosed with A.L.S.   Lou Gehrig’s disease progressively stills a life – muscles cease to work, speech fails, the body withers – while the mind and spirit seem to brighten in intensity.  This is a journal of two women, both divinity school graduates, both living in Charleston, SC, both, at heart, writers, speaking into the Silence which grows around them. Observing, in moments small and ordinary, the way a life stilled is still a life – and often a luminous one.

7 Responses to “About our blog”

  1. This will be a wonderful way for two awesome women to create through the process. I look forward to reading through your jouneys. I send prayers of hope and ease to both of your families!

  2. Although I am terribly sorry that the pretext of your blog is the diagnosis of ALS in your beloved parents, I do look forward to reading your luminous and insightful writing. I admire that you are sharing your stories and can attest that the blog community is a beautiful, supportive and eye-opening one. I plan on liking your blog to mine very soon.

  3. I meant “linking” your blog to mine. I KNOW that I’ll “like” it!

  4. Stephanie and Susan, I am eager to follow your process in this difficult, life-changing experience. Stephanie, I know of Nancy through Susie although I did meet her when you and Noel were married. And Susan, though I don’t know you personally, we lived in a house in New Castle where you, David, your mom and dad lived during seminary days. My husband, David and I have always admired your parents and followed their journey with interest. We are saddened by this illness in your families and will keep all of you in our prayers.

  5. Thank you both for sharing your experiences with such bravery and grace — it is a privilege to follow along on your journey!

  6. This is a wonderful blog-

  7. Thank you for what you are doing. We lost our mom to bulbar onset ALS on September 27, 2011, a short but long, 18 months after her diagnosis. Your writings on Spring touched me. I pray you continued strength for your journey.

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