Thick trunks of shadow lie down across the lawn.  Around their bodies light stencils the grass in stripes, both dazzling and dark.  Five red leaves flap like prayer flags in the sun, blazing on bare branches, their last morning. 

Miles away, my father rises (I think now of how brave is his rising every day), and greets my brother’s family, the five of them traveling far to converge for a meal around the table.  His granddaughter’s new love will bring himself as an offering to meet the wise, ailing man she reveres, to seek his blessing, though none of that is said.  There is only the curry dinner, the prayer of thanks, the tincture of laughter. 

I am holding the day in the cup of early morning as I sit blanketed by the fire. It is stenciled in bold intensities –the eagerness of love blooming, the five last leaves of a life blazing red in the sun.  The striations searing my distant heart.


~ by Stephanie on 12/14/2009.

3 Responses to “A.Luminous.Shadow”

  1. Deep thanks to both of you, S & S, for this gift. I look forward to more.

  2. Tears

  3. Yes, tears and deep thanks from me, too, along with much love for your father, mother, David, and you, dear Susan.

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