If I could stand for anything,

I’d stand in the center of everything;

at the stillpoint of a cross,

where panes of light are squared in darkness.

I’d reach for heaven and also, happily, earth,

 look to the right but also to what some call wrong,

 make room for love and enmity,

kneel down before life and death.

Give me story to hold for a little while,

and I will search out its other, opposing face;

like electricity, I need its currency, too.

Only then does the heart awake,

(in the center of the holding: tense, quivering,)

and burns bright.


This is what my father taught me: 

do not fall easy into the company of like minds.

Go and find the shadow of your bright zeal, and hold it, too.

Do not banish anything;

our hearts are made to hold all four direction.  Practice becoming a fifth.

Only in the center, where all ways meet, can we even begin to feel the aliveness

that is, this day, our truth.


~ by Stephanie on 12/29/2009.

One Response to “Allowing.Life’s.Symmetries”

  1. Wow. I’m not sure how to respond to such beauty and mystery. Thank you for the respite.

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