How ’bout them Cougars! Every now and then I need to surface from deep reflective mode and just call the shots, and last night at the swanky new College of Charleston arena, the shots were falling. Three pointers, right and left. The upshot: #9-ranked mighty Tarheels succumbed to the clear underdog. It was presumed to be a blow-out, more an exhibition match than a real contest—the big kid on the block coming over to the toddlers’ house as a favor, a show of good will. To let the little College of Charleston boys bask in the reflected glow of the ‘Heels’ National Champ glory.

 As a native North Carolinian I learned early on that the world revolves around ACC basketball. I know why the sky is Carolina Blue. So don’t think this major upset isn’t blog worthy, or fitting for an ALS journal. Here’s the thing – it all came down to overtime. In the final minutes, the luck shifted, the momentum switched. The Cougars took chances; small plays, tiny movements (a missed pass, a split-second look in the wrong direction) had major implications. Little things mattered. “Strange things happen in basketball. I don’t know how to explain it,” said Charleston coach Bobby Cremins.

Let’s not read into this that I’m holding out for a last minute beyond-the-paint shot that miraculously swooshes in. Don’t think I’m clinging to weary “life as sport” metaphors or Nike “Just Do It” slogans. I’m simply savoring the thrill of a game well played. The sheer fun of it. The mystery of it. The damn good feeling when an underdog pulls it off. Especially against the Tarheels.


(your friendly die-hard Blue Devil)

~ by Stephanie on 01/05/2010.

One Response to “A.Long.Shot”

  1. No fair. How can I possibly diss this post or you-know-what when it’s your ALS blog?

    Go Heels. Better luck next time?

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