As if.Light.Savings

We’re playing games again, the hopscotch of time — springing forward, tossing the numbers on our clock ahead and jumping after it, into elongated evenings glazed with the golden touch of a higher sun. Springtime breeds fantasy, and this is one of its best. There is no daylight savings, no more or less light to barter with based on our sneaky maneuvering of the clock. We pay for longer, brighter afternoons with darker mornings, and boy did I pay this morning. Light is what it is, rhythm holds us. My internal clock is not so easily fooled. We swim as do the dolphins, we fly like the gulls, along for the ride as our mass of rock, ocean and atmosphere tilts and swirls around the sun.

There may not be light lost, or light saved, at least by virtue of our creative time keeping, but thankfully, there’s light to be savored. That lost hour that stung so badly this morning is gone for good, but this evening, and next, and on into summer, there will be soft, fading sunshine for dog walks, bike rides, beach strolls, the recalibration of our days  — detox from winter’s closed doors and lamplight.  Oh happy eternal evenings–I’m going out to play.


~ by Stephanie on 03/15/2010.

2 Responses to “As if.Light.Savings”

  1. What a stunning photo — the colors, the light, the fin. I have to admit that I wondered whether it was from dolphin or shark — I’m not so good with biology these days. Because of that the beauty and implicit terror were sort of terrifying but I might have read something into it that I shouldn’t have. The rest of the post is, as always, gorgeous prose. It made me happy and want to sing. That’s why I’m betting on dolphins.

  2. That extra gift of light in the evening is a little like the first barefoot step of the Spring. We go from the comfort and security of winter’s blanket to venture into Spring where we are more willing to take risks. I will join you at play. I look forward to your streams of insight.

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