New Castle, Kentucky

Eternity is not to be pursued.
Run, and it shortens; arrive, and it is shut:
Forward or backward, nothing but the folds
Of time; that you will tighten, fumbling them.


Eternity is only to be entered
Standing.  It is everywhere and still.
Slow, and it opens; stop, and it is whole
As love about your head, that rests and sees.


Eternity is now or not at all:
Waited for, a wisp:  remembered, shadows.
Eternity is solid as the sun:
As present; as familiar;  as immense.


“Is Now” in Collected and New Poems:  1924-1964 by Mark Van Doren


~ by Stephanie on 03/17/2010.

2 Responses to “a.luminous.stillness.”

  1. Susan, a wonderful photo – the only thing missing are the tobacco fields. What a salt of the earth, heart home, stay with you forever kind of place New Castle is. We love knowing of our connection with you and family. Mar Van Doren is one of our favorite, read him often in The Day Book. Ellen

    • Ellen, I took my husband, Trenholm, back to New Castle and Louisville last October and felt the homeland back under my feet. Snapped the photo out of the car window. It does stay with you, doesn’t it? It’s a part of me for life. Glad to have that connection with you. Susan

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