Still Life, Lemons and Oranges by Jill Hooper Lemons, Clementines, and Oranges by Jill Hooper

Susan’s last post made me hungry. Hungry for celebration. For honoring loved ones, and the birthday boy who’s given me (though we’ve never met) platters of sustenance through raising a daughter of such wisdom and grace. It made me crave those oranges and that yummy persimmon lamp shade.

Here’s to growling stomachs and watering mouths. To Bill Hull on his 80th, and a bounty of decadent calories and outrageous flavor. And to all that feeds us — whether served in silver bowls, or dished out in classrooms, lectures or sermons; whether tasted via gently crafted words on an obscure blog, or through feeding tubes, or slow, long-chewed, hard-to-swallow bites.

May what we hunger for satisfy the deepest, truest  self.


~ by Stephanie on 05/21/2010.

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