We’re either nearing or have just passed our blog’s 1st anniversary (the date is foggy). What is certain, however, is that after a year of A Life Still, Susan and I are still learning. Still feeling our way as daughters, long-distance caretakers, bloggers, blog-partners, ponderers, acronym-benders, widget-users (actually, that’s long gone by the wayside), and creators of these little tokens of thought and image that somehow mean something to us, and hopefully to you, our readers, whoever you are.

When we first considered launching into the unknown frontier of the blogosphere, I contacted my friend Elizabeth, who’s an old hand and revered rock-star in the blog world. Elizabeth posts with passion and poignancy at A Moon, Worn as if it had been a Shell, about her rich and daunting life with her daughter, Sophie, who has severe childhood epilepsy, and about her myriad interests ranging from fiery to funny to intellectual to artsy, political, spiritual, poetic, personal. She’s my role model for how a blogger can make connections with the wider world. For how leaving little alms on a cyber altar can be day-brightening, heart-opening or heart-breaking for those of us who pause there for a moment to soak them in, before moving on to Google’s endless horizon or’s latest scoop.

Elizabeth opened the door, and helped show us the way toward the power and reward of the blog. And while we have a way to go to develop the type of community she’s established through her blog, we’re at the threshhold. So, thank you, Elizabeth, for your door. For your voice, your support, your faith in the give-and-take of writing and reading, in the value of friendship, and in the possibility of elevating a child’s — or parent’s — suffering and challenges into a worthy endeavor.

(the image above is Elizabeth’s actual front door in LA, and the portal to her blog.)

~ by Stephanie on 12/06/2010.

2 Responses to “Aquino’s.Lunar.Shell”

  1. happy anniversary, blog-sister!
    let’s keep logging on.

  2. thank you, dear friend. This day has been a wondrous one — your post, another one — well, after a night of cursing the good Lord, I have gotten my Grace.

    Thank you.

    And happy blogaversary!

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