another. little. sprout.

Emily was his first grandchild, and his only little girl.  My father threw her on his shoulder, after delivering his most profound words in a tightly crafted sermon, and paraded her around the church like a palanquin carrying a Maharani princess.  He was smitten with her fetching wiles, as any grandfather ought to be. When she was just a crawler, he chased her around the carpet on all fours while she squealed and gurgled. He read to her, powdered her belly, stashed away for her college fund.

Emily is the one delivering sermons, now.  And not just sermons. The belly he powdered is delivering her own little ripple in the circle of life.  Last night, after twenty placid hours (!), Emily gave birth to William Dean McGee.  My father waited from afar, his heart still ready to be smitten, yet again, with life that sprouts newly green.

William Dean follows his great-granddaddy not just in name, but in promise.  He will walk in the well-worn paths of love into his own boundless destiny.  Drawing, all the while, like sap from the family tree, on the storied memory of those who came before.  The memory of those whose shoulders he rides upon.

~ by Susan on 10/30/2012.

5 Responses to “another. little. sprout.”

  1. Hooray!! I knew as soon as I saw the title that this would be the BEST birth announcement ever. Welcome welcome dear little William Dean. What a beautiful and blessed circle you fill and complete, and begin, in your very own way. Sending such happiness to all the Hull and McGee clan. Great Grandma is surely thrilled.

  2. Congratulations and good wishes to all! The cycle of life continues.
    Much love to all of you.
    Sarah Martin

  3. Wonderful news, wonderfully named, beautifully told!

    Catherine B. Allen

    5025 Wendover Drive

    Birmingham Alabama 35223

    Phone: 1 205 956-5977

  4. Yes! Your story, so beautifully told, because it’s our story too in some ways, is rich, nourishing fare for all of us.. thank you and Congratulations!

  5. This post and the one just before are really beautiful. Thank you for writing. It’s amazing how much mama Emily looks like tiny Emily! Love, Poppo

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